Want to learn not only business survival skills but how to thrive even during tough times?

Why do so many businesses fail?

70% of all start-ups are still operational after six months, 50% of businesses survive the first five years and only 4% of businesses’ doors are still open after ten years! T

There are various reasons why businesses fail, but here are three key reasons why even businesses with great products and excellent marketing skills can still fail:

nlp training kl
nlp training kl

1. They hire the wrong people:

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People with a fixed mindset, who in general have a very negative worldview, who are not team players and whose behaviour is not in line with your business vision, goals and values even when they:

  • Are highly intelligent
  • Have a great CV
  • Have loads of experience

It can cause irreparable damage to your business. Even experienced HR practitioners only ‘get it right’ 30% of the time, on average, when they hire people.

2. They suffer a toxic business culture.

A toxic business culture has many symptoms:

  • Employees take an excessive amount of MC (Medical leave)
  • Gossip
  • Extremely low engagement
  • Slow work
  • Not meeting KPIs’, objectives and targets
  • Very high employee turnover
  • Negative attitudes in general
  • Distrust
  • Poor communication (unclear, not frequent and mostly negative)
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3. Performance is not measured nor coached properly.

KPI System

Company and employee performance will not improve nor sustain by itself. Easy to use, effective and the right performance measurements has to be implemented. It is not only good enough to measure performance it has to be coached.

A Harvard study has revealed that 80% of all managers are poor coaches, mainly because they tell people what to do, which simply does not work in general, in modern times.

Custom Performance Coaching has the answer to the above three major business challenges!

We have created a 3 step model that will not only help you to sustain your performance in business but will help you to thrive, even during challenging times!

1. CPC Hire Right.

Consists out of two AI tools:

An online questionnaire with results report that will indicate (to a degree of 80% accuracy) whether you are hiring the right candidate for the job. This scientifically validated test with numerous case studies reveals:

  • If the client has the right skill set (soft skills) for the job
  • Can handle pressure
  • Will stay in employment longer than industry average
  • Will execute required tasks
  • An online Growth mindset test

Scientific research reveals that on average, people with a growth mindset dramatically outperform those with a fixed mindset irrespective of academic background and experience levels. Custom Performance Coaching offers you a proven mindset test with over 20 years of case studies behind it, that will with a great level of accuracy  reveal if your job applicants have:

A Growth mindset – They will take responsibility for their actions. Believe in self-development and an attitude of learning from their mistakes. They will contribute in a positive way during meetings and in performing tasks.

A fixed mindset – They will tend to place blame on others for their poor performance. Will tend to bring up a lot of excuses for poor performance and not completing tasks. They will have a general tendency of spreading negative thinking and comments during meetings.

2. Build a Sustainable High-Performance Culture.

A high- performance culture can be defined as your business outperforming the market in both financial performance and non- financial performance (work satisfaction, low mc, high engagement, effective work).

Custom Performance Coaching trains you to lower your medical leave rate, increase productivity dramatically and to have an inspired workforce that delivers results. We train you to create excellent team dynamics and to build strong levels of inspiration to make the Vision and goals of the company a reality.

3. Coach and Track Performance

Business performance does not sustain itself. Performance has to be coached, measured and tracked to be sustainable over many years.

Custom Performance Coaching teaches you how to coach performance and provides you with an easy to implement online performance tracking tool:

FlowyTeam is an online performance tracking tool that:

  • It Is easy to implement.
  • Is attached to a reward system that helps motivate employees to perform
  • Is an objective performance tracking and reporting tool that empowers you to give the right guidance to employees to improve.
  • Helps to change the behaviour of employees positively.
  • Is highly advantageous when managing remote teams
  • Is aligned and customized to suit your industry, company goals and Vision

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