We embrace useful and positive change. We are truly committed to and energised by the opportunity to help individuals and companies improve their cultures and performance in a sustainable way. We love change that helps companies and individuals make a positive impact on society.

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Our purpose is to change the world individual by individual, and company by company by instilling a High performance and positive mindset.

The Custom Performance Coaching Story: 

Customized Coaching that creates sustainable and thriving businesses in three easy to apply steps.

This is written during the time of the global COVID-19 Pandemic. This challenging time has given a new perspective and a renewed sense of urgency to Custom Performance Coachings’ purpose, resolve, and narrative of :


  • We tirelessly apply our joint skillsets to support companies, individual executives and entrepreneurs to survive and thrive. To not only cope with current circumstances but to create sustainable success both in the sense of:

 Making more money


Finding joy and meaning (purpose) in their careers, entrepreneurial ventures and within company cultures.

Two Dirks’ (One German one South-African) met in Kuala Lumpur and joined forces to support businesses to overcome challenges and thrive.

Their undying passion for business and individual performance was the common ground that gave birth to Custom Performance Coaching.

Dirk Schmellenkamp (DS – German Dirk) after a long, successful international career as an investment banker in Germany and London became a freelance business developer for Porsche and Macquarie bank amongst other famous brands.

He went on to co-found several businesses in South-East Asia and apply his knowledge of business and  South-East Asian cultures to help businesses to be sustainable success especially considering the volatile economic circumstances that we are facing internationally.

DS has found his purpose in Software development that supports businesses and makes their lives easier. Other than that he has a sincere purpose to help companies and individuals to perform.

DS lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with his wife and daughter.

Dirk Coetsee (DC- South African Dirk) has experienced international business from all angles. An international Performance coach and trainer both for companies, individual execs, and entrepreneurs, being an entrepreneur himself and as a business writer. He has published several articles on platforms such as Entrepreneurmag, Experthub, and Your Business.

He has been coaching and training several international companies and individuals ranging from small businesses to large multi-national corporations for several years.

DC lives in Kuala Lumpur with his wife.

Both DS and DC have suffered the pain themselves as entrepreneurs and have witnessed many companies suffer the consequences of hiring people with undesirable attitudes, skills, and work ethic or sometimes talented people whose behavior does not fit the business culture.

Along with the above challenge, the consequences of a toxic business culture (a lot of medical leave, very high staff -turnover general absenteeism, slow and unproductive work, gossip, not hitting targets)  can be devastating. A large proportion of businesses with excellent products and marketing skills end up closing down purely because of a sustained toxic culture.

Even if you have a good business culture and are currently performing well it has to be sustained through proper performance measurement, coaching, and training. A strong and ‘high-performance culture’ will simply not sustain itself

Together, through their shared purpose DS and DC brings you Custom Performance Coaching:

A ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your coaching, training and software solutions that empowers you to make more money, have a more positive impact in society, help you and your employees to find joy in your work and perform at your very best.

They have created an easy to implement 3 step business flow program for businesses of any size that:

  1. Ensures that you hire the ‘right’ employees that are committed to your cause and have the right technical skills, soft skills, and mindset.
  1. Build a sustainable ‘high-Performance culture’ where, in general, all team members perform at their best, are engaged, enjoy their work and hit targets.
  1. Coach and measure Performance. Business Performance does not sustain itself, it has to be coached, trained and measured. We provide companies with the right Performance Coaching or teach the company how to coach as well as supportive software tools that makes performance management much more effective and easier
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“Your only individual obligation to this world is to be the best form of yourself. As a company your only obligation is to make a positive and lasting impact on society’. Together we can change for good”

Dirk Coetsee, Co-Founder


Our Purpose at CPC (Custom Performance Coaching) is to lead companies on the journey of creating a Sustainable High-Performance culture. We also Coach individuals towards Higher Performance in their careers or entrepreneurial ventures. We provide 

Coaching, Consulting and Training 

KPI Software


What is a High-Performance Culture

Company culture is why and how things get done in a business’.A High-Performance Culture is a set of behaviors and norms that leads a business to achieve superior results. In other words, it’s a culture that drives a high-performance business, which is a company that achieves better financial and nonfinancial results (such as customer satisfaction, employee retention, etc.) than those of its peers over a long period of time.

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“Achieving your Goals only starts by changing your mindset. Surround Yourself with People who brings Value to Your Life”

Dirk Schmellenkamp, Co-Founder


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