A Four-Day Intense Practical Course

Now, make your dream of becoming an international High-Performance coach and High-Performance Culture trainer to companies a reality! Join the Custom Performance Coaching Family!

The Coaching/Training industry pain point has always been that a coach has only so many hours in a day to bill and it is very rewarding yet very demanding to deal with others’ challenges.

Custom Performance Coaching assists Coaches in making money while they sleep! Our software tools, AI tools, and HR tests help uplift performance in a major way and all coaches certified by us can automatically become resellers of all our online products at a very decent profit!

Coaching individuals and teaching companies how to build and sustain a High-Performance culture is very rewarding and challenging at the same time.

Custom performance coaching, through many years of international experience, has refined a highly effective and practical method to coach individuals and teach companies towards sustainable high performance.

Our principles incorporated into our coaching and training methods are universal in their application and have been proven to apply to any culture.

  • Learn a step by step approach towards creating a sustainable high-performance culture for companies
  • Learn how to facilitate a journey of transformation for individuals and companies
  • Learn how to coach and teach individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds and with different personality types.
  • Learn how to apply key principles of change
  • Learn how to have confidence in approaching any company of any size or any individual of any stature to train and coach
  • Learn how to teach effective communication strategies to individuals and companies
  • Learn how to manage interdepartmental conflicts
  • Learn how to align individual behavior to company Vision, purpose, values and goals
  • Receive highly effective software tools to assist you in helping companies to grow and have a sustainable High-Performance culture


  • A minimum of 1-year Coaching and/or training experience is required to qualify for this course

Course cost : RM 5000

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