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Zac Liew

CEO of Curlec

“CPC’s methods have given me a greater understanding of myself and what I’m made of. With CPC’s help, I’ve set higher standards for myself which has helped push me to move to another level in all walks of life.”


Navin Kumar Maruthamuthu

FAB Operations Manager ISMF

“Dirk Coetsee as my coach is simple one of the best investment my company has made. With his direction, I was able to clearly define and outside my personal and professional goals. During our coaching sessions, Dirk is able to uncover deeper layers of the challenges I was facing out on my own. His knowledge on psychological methodologies and life management techniques enables to provide a holistic systematic approach to coaching. I am thankful to have Dirk Coetsee as my coach.”


Viji R Pillai


“First of all I would like to express my utmost sincere thanks towards your coaching session.
One on One coaching for the Neuro Linguistic Programme, bespoke to me was excellent. The
session was spot on focused on my personal goals in my preferred learning style; everything I
wished to be covered was covered fully and effectively. What I liked most about the programme was that the course was relevant and delivered in agreat and engaging way and I really liked the techniques I have obtained from you. This techniques is being used in daily routine especially for my business developments. It was amaze to realize how enthusiastic you are and that made the course more.”