The CPCs trainer differ in many ways from “classic” trainers, coaches or consultants. They are experts in their fields. They have many years of professional experience in dynamic markets, expertise know how in international enterprises and have often established their own companies. They are experienced in the use of the models and methods that they coach and have deep knowledge of various industries. You always have an eye on developments and changes in the digital world and in business. In this way, they successfully bridge the gap between established companies and startups and use the latest methods and tools.

The didactic commitment to the CPCs method is just as important as their professional expertise. All trainer are passionate about their shared mission to empower and inspire people. CPCs Trainer want share and transfer their knowledge. So that you, as a training participant, take tangible added value for your professional practice.

Coaches that deliver results for YOU

You will:

  • Learn how to make more money in a sustainable way
  • Learn how to hire the right employees that deliver performance and business results
  • Create a high-performance culture (hit targets, increased productivity and very good team spirit and team dynamics)
  • Remove elements of a ‘toxic culture’ (Lots of medical leave, slow work, bad attitudes, poor work performance, gossip)
  • Lead your team towards sustainable success through Executive coaching
  • Increase your Sales teams performance dramatically
  • Learn how to manage and coach performance by using highly effective software tools

Our coaches are carefully selected and are of the highest international standard. Both practical business and coaching experience is a basic requirement to be a CPC coach.

Meet our Coaches:

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Dirk Schmellenkamp

OKR & KPI Expert