Find, Develop and Retain Future Leaders

CPC HireRight is a one-of-a-kind Talent Management Solutions Provider.

Our solution can rationally screen and sort through thousands of candidates to determine the  ideal match of best-fit talent. Then it can help you develop and retain those employees. The solution can think for itself, learn as it goes, and improve its accuracy with each new hire. As a result, it outperforms traditional approaches across all key indicators of performance and potential.

What solutions does CPC HireRight offer?

Recruit: Scientifically profiles, screens, matches and ranks candidates for dynamics fit, attrition risk, job and performance requirements. The solution uses proprietary algorithms to match key success factors, skills and  competencies   of candidates to specific tasks, organisational requirements and values.


Retain: Accurately predicts, manages and reduces attrition risk. It provides an analysis to show employees at risk of attrition and provides HR with insight driven data to intervene.


Develop: Scientifically measures the strength and developmental areas between an employee’s profile in relation to the optimum qualities required for success. This innovation produces an individual career match, which can also calibrate for internal placements and succession planning. The solution identifies high-potential employees and future leaders.


How does CPC HireRight help?

  • Finds the right person for the job, first time
  • Retains top talent
  • Identifies and grows future leaders
  • Ensures unbiased decision making, fairness and transparency
  • Raises standards and reduces costs
  • Focuses effort on value-add activities
  • Enhances dynamics, teamwork, and diversity

How does CPC HireRight work?

  • Multidisciplinary scientific approach: draws on diverse fields and factors to make decisions.
  • Proprietary algorithms: maximises search efficiency, and tracks career progress
  • Accurate and automated: significantly reduces talent management costs
  • Integrated task database: factors in specified skill sets and unique corporate